About Indigo Montessori School


At Indigo Montessori School, children learn education through the Montessori Method, a sophisticated approach that brings out the best in children. Children absorb the most information from birth through age 6, especially through their senses. Our program focuses on teaching through the senses by offering children tools and activities that focus on their fine motor skills. The results are outstanding as our students express interest in doing things on their own at a young age such as exploring their environment, creating art, socializing, self care and caring for the environment. As the children move along through the program, they enjoy beautiful tools and hands-on material that trains them to focus, understand order, write, read, and learn about the world around them. Our students take pride in their independence and in the respect they receive from their peers and guides. We value each child, recognizing that they each have specific needs and interests, and that we must carefully observe them and guide them to grow as individuals.

Indigo Montessori School
1101 West Main Street
Durham, NC 27701-2072

Phone: (919)687-0665
Email:  indigomontessori@yahoo.com

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