Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day Tea Party Celebration

We had an early Mother's day celebration in our 2 through 3 year old Montessori studio this Friday, and it turned out beautifully.  The kids enjoyed having their moms or supporting family members join us for songs at circle time followed by snack time.  

If you are a teacher looking for party ideas and working around child sized tables, this set up may be a great option for you, too.  Instead of bringing in adult-sized chairs, we simply used floor pillows for adults to sit at either ends of the tables, while the kids sat in their child-sized chairs besides their moms.  Below is an image of the set up before we added decorations to the classroom.

The kids found their seats by looking for their bookmarks that they made for their moms, which were laid out in advance at the tables.  They drew pictures on the bookmarks, and then we added a photo of the child and laminated them.  If you decide to make bookmarks and have more time on your hands, you could also punch a hole in the top and add a tassel made out of ribbon or yarn.

In addition, our students also had some flowers that they made for their moms out of coffee filters. 

The kids each had 3 coffee filters that they drew on with marker and then sprayed the filters with water to make the colors spread.  Once the filters were dry, we put glue on each center, then stacked the filters and pressed the centers together.  Later on, I followed this great tutorial on Pinterest to put the flowers together:

I ended up using jewelry wire to bunch the flowers together and to create a stem.  I covered the stem with green electrical tape which worked out fine.  

Each child also made a card for their moms with craft paper, but I didn't get a chance to take a photo.  All in all, the celebration was a lot of fun and the comfortable environment made it easy for kids and parents to mingle and spend some quality time together.  

Have a great Mother's Day weekend, Moms!